The broadband rant

Do you still use BT/TalkTalk/Plus net/Sky, to name a few, via copper wire? Well, you know exactly how frustrating the television adverts really are, telling you they all have super fast broadband?

In reality, we all know that most rural people have little to no internet speed, crackly phone lines, and interrupted services, mostly all the time; this is 100% reality witnessed daily.

We know broadband company's say stuff like, "you will get speeds of up to 20mbps", when in fact, you're lucky if you get 1 to 3mbps. They get away with murder all the time.

Also, in most cases, they find it challenging to understand your accent? However, rest a sure they know your bank details, take your money every month bang on time, keep you on the phone for hours in some cases, or waste your entire morning. This is 100% reality for most of us.

We visit people every day who have disgustingly slow internet and are completely fed up. They have also been customers of most of the above services and found out they are merely the same.

Most people we visit can't watch streaming tv services and struggle to do zoom calls video calling chat to family abroad. Some people even find it challenging to send big email files.

The new lie on the block is when they mention fibre? O that sounds fast, But hang on there is no fibre coming into my property?

How can they mention fibre? In reality, again, you are still connected to an old perished copper wire. Yet, somewhere over the rainbow, there is a fibre connection to their network. ( So technically they have a marketing loop hole where they can tell you anything they want )

I ask customers why did you sign back up with BT or one of the others? They say The chap on the phone told me I will now be connected to fibre and have faster internet speed. Boom, you're stuck in another 18mths contract and back to slightly faster internet; however, still below average slow internet?

Sorry to rant on this subject; however, I speak to customers most days, and soon as you mention broadband, they go red in the face with frustration.

Last week, I saw a customer with an old Bakelite BT junction box, tin wires, including an old GPO master socket. They wondered why they had crackling phones and slow internet? Overall old copper phone wires you see scattered all over the countryside, sagging wires and waterlogged cables feed most homes with broadband.

The fact is there is no exaggeration here; this is reality.

I could tell you story after story about this subject, the plain fact is you know how slow your own internet really is.

I bet you have probably wasted time on the phone with these broadband companies and slowly end up getting nowhere.

The worst-case I saw just a month ago was a customer in a cottage just outside Haddington only getting 3mbps. When she told me she pays over £70 per month for this service, I was shocked. I set up a new Sonic antenna in the loft, connected this to one of our routers and gave them 88mbps. Their bill every month now is only £22 per month with fully unlimited data usage; on top of this, they now have fast 88mbps in every room.

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