Questions and Answers

How much does rural broadband cost?

To date rural broadband is actually much cheaper than using the slow copper wires, all you require is a small installation. Customers are now paying less per month.

When will rural broadband improve?

Rural broadband is already here and has excellent coverage; most people don't realize this and are still trying to use the old copper wire lines.

Can I get rural broadband?

Yes, get in touch so that we can check your local signals.

Which broadband is rural?

Most of the big brand name telecoms companies are offering rural broadband.

How does rural broadband work?

Rural broadband is either a re-distributed broadband signal, coming from a more sustainable location or a local data tower.

How to improve rural broadband?

Improving rural broadband is always a challenge. However, this is another reason to contact us. We can supply you a DIY kit that could help call us first before ordering as it is worth a bit of advice first.

How to expand rural broadband?

Rural broadband can be improved in many ways by your self or one of our engineers. We use Ubiquiti repeaters and RRSonic antennas.

What is rural broadband?

Rural broadband is a name attached to broadband services set off the beaten track. Either you live in the sticks-boonies-outskirts or the countryside.

What is rural broadband internet?

Rural broadband internet is a service that provides you with broadband internet within the countryside.

What is a rural broadband infrastructure?

The rural broadband infrastructure is built up by multi telecommunications data towers. These are available to use now in your area to contact us today to find out local transmitter information.

Why is rural broadband a problem?

Rural broadband can be a problem because transmitters and only go so far. Your small rural town might be down in a valley, or behind a mountain. In this case, a provider would need to invest in the area to improve the service. However, if there are not many homes willing to sign-up to the new service, they could be losing money from day one. The government has decided to step in and invest in these outstanding projects. The money invested in this sector is actually staggering. Again we have up to date information, so get in touch to find out more.

Why is rural broadband important?

More and more people are working from home. They are fed up with crazy slow speeds. People use the internet every day more, and more things are getting connected and all slow down the internet. The number of rural businesses that relied on the internet is growing year on year. We have a solution for you that's available now, so get in touch to find out more.

Why is rural broadband so expensive?

Rural broadband is no longer expensive thanks to RRSonic Rural broadband kits. Before people were having to use expensive satellites.