Rural broadband Site Survey

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Why do I require a site survey?

Our Rural5G expert will check to see if you have any rural internet signals from your exact location.

The transmitter map only gives you a very rough idea; it does not show you all the obstacles between you and the local transmitter. Because the telecoms maps are not updated very often, it might look like there are no transmitters close to you when in fact there are three.

When on-site always happy to answer any other questions and show you the latest rural broadband kit. You are under no obligation to buy free means free.

Book Now as still free


The sad fact is most people put up with slow internet and don't realise fast rural internet is here now, yes its true.

In most cases, it is actually cheaper than the slow broadband they are already using.

( Don't suffer slow speeds anymore, our solution is contract-free and so simple to set up )

One of the main reasons we recommend you book a site survey is down to the nature in which data signals travel.

Rural data signals leave the transmitter miles away travelling at the speed of sound bouncing off everything from trees, hills, farmers shed ect, this is perfectly normal, however by looking at your location on our transmitter locator map, you can't tell if there is some object blocking the signal. By the end of the survey, you will know 100% if you can access the new fast internet signals from your home, also how much this will cost to set up and what speed you will receive.

This survey is of great value for money, as its just to cover our fuel cost and a small amount of time to carry out the survey.

The hole survey will only take 30min to carry out. We don't always need you to be home; however, we always recommend showing you live what speeds are coming through. Most customers are intrigued by this and find it really interesting.

We are open for business, and of course, wear face masks and always keep our distance.

Tel: 07843 713500